IRTC stats 

IRTC statistics

This site is automatically generated using the IRTC site's data about competitions. It it not an official IRTC site, there is no warranty about the results provided here, go to the official IRTC site for reliable information. It is intended to provide extended information about all artists' performances. All scores and awards are supposed to match what's on the IRTC site, if you found any mistake, please tell me. I'd like to thank the IRTC team, only their great work with the competition made it possible for this site to exist.

The site provides for each of the two competitions (stills and anims):

  • For each theme a thumb nailed page with full ranking in all four scores.
  • For every artist a personal IRTC page
  • A championship for the whole competition to let us figure out about the major contributors of the competition.
  • An artists yearly championship that takes into account all entries of the year.
  • Data from this website correspond to the IRTC site state on the 4/12/2006 7:26:50.

    Splash screen uses models from Maurizio Tomasi, Gilles Tran, Txemi Jendrix and Nathan O'Brien