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Frequently Asked Questions

How come my entries are split under different names ??
If you submited several entries with different names or pseudo, or even if you wrote your name differently, the program was not able to put them together. I have already collected together a lot of names that where obviously belonging to the same person. So you should send a short mail to me giving the two (or more) names that are supposed to be yours.

I have entries that are not actually mine !! or Some of my entries are reported to be someone else's !!
Either you and someoneelse submited entries under the same name which is really no luck, or I made a mistake while gathering the names. Just send me a mail stating what your problem is.

Championship, what is this championship you talk about ??
It is a contest within the contest that I thought could give even more interest to the competitors. It lasts onto the year, and works a bit like the Formula 1 championship where each round would be a race. Artists are awarded points based on the ranks of their entries in the round and these points are summed up to make a yearly contest.

You keep talking about mistakes and your site not beeing reliable, is it or not ?
I believe the information contained herein is reliable, but I can't give warranty (don't want to be sued :-))

I have ideas about things that would be very cool in this site !
Please send me a mail. :-)

When is the site updated ?
I plan to update the site whenever new results are published on the IRTC site.

Can I link my "IRTC page" in my personal page ?
Yes, I made it so that personal pages on this site won't change address, so you can use a link to them.

The stills 1996 competition are a bit different from what I see on the official site.
Yes, the data file for year 1996 were quite different from the other years, so I had a bit of trouble. There is missing titles for entries, scores that are all identical for all four scores and awards that are not the same as the IRTC. That's pretty much normal, because the IRTC rules changed since 1996.